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Welcome to

Version 2 has arrived!

Dear User, in order to give you a better experience with platform we designed a brand new graphic interface. Old version will still be available for a while but we suggest to get used to the new one.

What's new?
- We introduced push up notifications that tell you when a process has finished!
- Faster pages!
- New Interactive plots!
- New molecule editor!
- And many other features arriving



  1. Molecular editor
  2. Generation of 3D conformations from scratch with multiple methods
  3. ligand-based molecular alignments
  4. 3D QSAR (CoMFA like) modeling
  5. 3D Molecule viewer
  6. Molecular docking with multiple engines
  7. Comparative Molecular Binding Energy modeling (COMBINE)
  8. structure-based alignment

  9. name to mol and mol to name [soon]
  10. scoring functions [soon]
  11. proteochemometric [soon]
  12. QSAR [soon]
  13. Classification Methods [soon]
  14. Graph Neural Networks [soon]


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