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In the 3-D QSAR server are available now 30 datasets,
more than 230 3-D QSAR models and over 1600 unique molecules.

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The AI dataset was taken from J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. 1997, 37, 1162-1170. Paper abstract: The all-grid probe Lennard-Jones 6-12 potential, typically used as steric descriptor in CoMFA, has been replaced by the volumes of van der Waals envelopes intersections between the probe-atom and the ligand molecules under investigation. The intersection volumes present a smoother distance dependence that overcomes the problems arising from formulation of a precise alignment and docking into the 3D lattice. A CoMFA-type application on a set of 78 steroid aromatase inhibitors with different grid and probe-atom characteristics suggests an improved model robustness for the new steric field in comparison with the classical 6-12 potential. Predefined cut-off and “minimum sigma” values are not required. Systematic variation of the 3D lattice position leads to lower variations of cross-validated r-squared (q2 LOO) at all levels of model complexity, which can be reduced with exclusion of some “interior” points. The relative simplicity and inexpensive computational demands make this steric field a promising alternative for routine CoMFAbased 3D-QSAR analyses.